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Time to kick Faith and this strangers' butts. [Jan. 28th, 2007|06:08 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |angryangry]

Xavier and I had just made sweet love.

A perfect night in place, had started. It would only get better too.

The busty hussy, Monique, obviously a slayer, was captured by my very own hands and beaten silly. Inside of that cage, locked up, scared, I had been so energetic while riding my sweet Xavier's precious pole, but when we finished, we found that Monique had attempted to break up our lovely night of sex and torture by trying to escape.

I shook my head as Xavier looked at what she had done, telling Monique that she was just going to pay for being so stupid and bending those bars. Xavier opened the cage and Monique backed up, the fear having to be great inside of her, which made me smile, until Xavier heard a noise and we both turned to see Faith and some stranger rushing in.

Faith came towards me, while the stranger avoided Xavier's launching of magical orbs of some kind.

I slammed Faith down to the ground, noticing that Xavier had pulled Monique to the ground. The strange guy went for him and after a struggle, Xavier dove out of the window. The stranger seemed to want to go after him, as he helped Monique up.

Okay. I had two options. I could go after my swete Xavier, who would definitely be back, or I could kick the hell out of Monique again, then Faith, which was always fun and then, I could pummel this stranger, who had his fangs donned and was obviously a vampire.

The stranger and Monique looked at me as Faith threw a punch at me that I blocked, before drilling her in the ribs and tossing her into the cage. I quickly locked the door. Faith would be the biggest problem here. I could deal with her and deal with her, severely, last.

Yeah, I am choosing option two. I don't like being away from Xavier, but even less then that, I hate it when people like Monique already had, interrupted us.

"So, Faithy, who's the new vampire? Let me guess, he's another shlub like Spike and Angel with a soul?"

Enough talking. I charged at him with a full head of steam and knocked him and monique to the ground. He managed to toss me off of him. A strong vamp...good, all the better for the pummeling. While rolling over, I grabbed Monique and she grabbed me and I slammed her head into the wall before the vampire tackled me, as Monique fell to the floor, sore and beaten and unconscious.

[Faith and Justin]
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Angel shop talk. [Jan. 28th, 2007|05:57 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly
[mood |deviousdevious]

Now that Lindsey was back and had learned about who was in charge and who out of the two of us had more physical power, it was time to talk shop about what had been going on with Angel and his team.

Lindsey sat across from me, in his place, his cock probably pressing into his viscous pants after I had teased him sexually.

Before he had complimented me on how good I looked considering that I had been brought back with bionic properties in my muscle fibers and central nervous system, I had to show him who was boss after breaking the bad news to him that he is not the king around here.

I told him that the Senior Partners did bring him back to have a high office in the heavens, but that he would be number two in charge and that me, very much alive again, would be the CEO. He didn't appreciate hearing it, but I told him the way that it is. The Senior Partners believed in him for some reason, but didn't like his history of playing both sides and in particular, didn't like how he ran to Angel when things got tense.

That discussion led to a fight. I knew that Lindsey had studied and mastered some martial arts while in the high mountains of Dalai-Lama-ville...that he had become an expert with a sword...that he had honed his inner-strength into some form of zen, only the zen didn't show when he decided to throw a punch at me. Like the bionic woman, only far sexier then the original, I threw him around the room without hurting him too much, and flaunted how truly good I looked as I put him in his place.

He had questions, blah blah...I answered them...blah blah and now he sits across from me, calmer then he had been.

"Okay, Lindsey, now that the semantics have been sorted, let's cut to the brass tacks. Obviously, I have been brought back and you have brought here, because Angel backed out on taking over the firm. There are specific reasons for that."

He could have poured through the files on my desk to find out, but instead, he looked at me, smirked, fixed his suit and then asked me the questions. Great. I didn't sign on for three hours of updates. I'm very much thinking about telling him to read the files..."

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Making a statement of my own. [Jan. 28th, 2007|05:46 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |busy]

After Jada and I had dscovered that night had fallen and that we could now leave the mausoleum, she hatched the plan to go to her former place of employment. She wnated to kill a lot of the customers that used to grope and grab at her in the strip club.

A plan immediately formed in my mind...one that I am going to perfect.

I had to make a statement of my own. When I had sired Jada, I had turned a slayer into a vampire and as I expected was a possibility, she was far stronger then me and liked to show it, beating me while we were caged in that mausoleum, and then taking me sexually as she desired, which I suppose wasn't something to complain about except that for the lasst two-hundred and fifty years, I have ben in the one in control over my legion or over a room...generally always the strongest force in the room.

That is no longer the case with Jada. She talked about leaving me or even killing me before leaving. She also talked about maybe letting me tag along with her because the sex was good. I didn't like the way that she changed her mind and acted as if everything was in her hands. I wanted her to be tame and though stronger then me, at my side.

Hence, the plan came into effect after she had killed the three bumbling teenage boys that had come into the mausoleum for some reason...probably grave ribbing. Jada needed the blood, not having yet fed except on me, but still, beaten, I couldn't challenge her and she drained all three boys and didn't share.

The plan was set. She could go after the customers. I would devour and fuck the strippers and unleash my strength, just to show her what I could do. I knew that she would be brutal in there and I would be more so. Nobody in the club was going to survive and it's as simple as that. This strip club is going to be the sight of a massacre and there will be bitemarks in necks, discretion out of the door.

We looked at the club and Jada didn't even regard me as she opened the door.

I looked around and smiled.

I immediately broke the necks of the two bouncers. I then smiled. "Nobody is leaving this building with their lives."

I went to work and grabbed a couple of guys from their chairs, noticing that Jada was watching. I drained one and drained and sired another. I then moved towards the stage. I think that I'm about to prove my point quite efficiently and I'm havin a good time doing it.

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Connor, okay?? [Jan. 28th, 2007|05:36 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |nervousnervous]

Worried, pretty much physically feeling sick from it, which is saying something because vampires don't get sick, I drove with reckless abandon back to Seasdide from Los Angeles.

Cordy massaged my arm, noticing my anguish, and occasionally stroked my thigh. It was her that made me realize that i might have made a big mistake; a mistake thgat I couldn't now reverse or correct.

Everything had gone the somewhat smoothly at Vail's place. He had predictably used magic's on us to try to prevent us from getting to him. Cordy glowed which made me, one of his demons that was coming to protect him and Vial himself, spacy and loving.

Vail dropped the stasis that he had us in and while, for moments, I didn't have it in me to produce anger, Cordy took charge, beheaded the demon with her sword and then pressed Vail on taking the spell back. She coerced him with her powers and his glow-effects to do a spell to make Connor more tame and he agreed.

Once the spell ended a catch came into effect and made me want to kill the frail, little and old son of a bitch. He would only do the spell if Connor killed Shajhan, locked in a vase in Vail's office. Of cours,e always a catch and of course, I had offered to kill Shajhan for him so Connor didn't have to, but there was the prophecy that Cordy learned fully about while I sneered at Vail. Only Connor could kill Shajhan, Wesley, Holtz, it all came back and my anger rose.

I agreed to the conditions and Vail did a spell. The atmosphere changed like magic's had worked and then, I chopped Vail's head off. I did it because now, Vail couldn't just decide to wipe away another spell that he had performed on Connor and now, Connor didn't have to kill Shjhan for Vail's benefit, because let's face it, Vail was already dead. No need for him to worry about Shajhan killing him at this point and no reason to release Shjhan from the vase.

After leaving, Cordy pointed out that the spell could have been a hoax and now, Connor might be like he is forever. That's when my panic that caused me to drive a hundred and twenty miles an hour started. Why had I killed Vail? It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I should have waited until I knew that Connor was tame before doing it. It would have only taken a phone call.

We reached Seaside and I stopped the car with a skid in front of the house.

When we rushed in, we saw Spike on the couch, looking tense, probably over Buffy, alone.

"Have you looked in on Connor, Spike? How is he doing? Did something happen? A spell was performed. Is he okay?"

Cordy held my shoulder, sensing my stress level and for a second, i thought that Spike was going to be his usual asshole self to me, but then he smiled. That smile could mean anything, though. I wanted to grab him by the collar of his trenchcoat, but he stood and started to speak.

[Spike, Cordy and Connor]
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Soldierboy and the Big Bad useless at helping Buffy. [Jan. 21st, 2007|01:56 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |stressedstressed]

Soldierboy and I had come to an understanding of bloody sorts. We had come to the understanding that bygones were bygones. He had his wife, who died and now, he seemed to somehow have two slayers that are attracted to him, and me...well, I have Buffy now, except that I don't.

Truth is, that the big bad and soldierboy, both lovers of the most amazing woman in the world at one point or currently, are bloody useless in helping to save her from sodding Xavier, distance and sunlight wreaking havoc on those plans.

We sat on the couch and watched as one of the new slayers...seemingly shagging soldierboy, walke by us and seconds later, walked by us again with twine and a knife to obviously tie up the punk of Angel's spunk, who is out of control downstairs and who Angel and vision girl went away to help...not helping Buffy in any measure.

Finn had given me the bleeding lowdown there. Faith and some vamp with a soul...somehow, named Justin, had gone to Paris to try to find Buffy, at Xavier's mercy, which wasn't a safe place for her to be with his power and then his ability like Willow to use the hocus-pocus.

Struck me that Xavier could be in Paris but that he could also be in Belgium and if Faith and Justin, who were going to Paris, didn't know where to look in Paris, or if Xavier is in Belgium, then Buffy's chances decrease in surviving, even though she is the toughest being that I have ever seen and if anyone can get out of it then it is her.

Minutes later, both birds, undeniably sexy, especially right now as they walked arm and arm up to a room upstairs, told us that Connor is subdued and is past the point of help. They said that they are going to bed. They didn't say sleep and I could tell soldierboy wanted to go, but like me, he is too stressed about Buffy to do anything. Once more, bloody felt the need to mention us doing our own work.

"Look, Finn, as much as I want to go save Buffy, the sun won't allow that. Drives me bloody up the wall, but maybe you should convince your girls and you to go ahead and get a flight to Paris. I can tell you exactly where the wanking Xavier lives. This Justin and Faith might be on a wild bloody goose chase if they don't know where to go and Buffy might not have time for all of that. I'll watch the boy..."

He seemed to be shaking his head.

"Why are you shaking your head, Finn? You may have two bisexual lovers now, but I know that you still bloody care for Buffy..."

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Into the warlock's clenches. [Jan. 21st, 2007|01:39 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |angryangry]

We had worked our way through the extensive Los Angeles sewer system and had found that the warlock, Cyvus Vail, who had done the spell on Connor and was the key to getting his memories altered, once more, to where he isn't so explosive and volatile...lived in a mansion in Brentwood.

Cordy and I worked our way there, killing five vamps somewhere along the way, although I wasn't sure where we were when we did that, though I was pleased that Cordelia hadn't hesitated with the sword and had remembered everything that I had taught her in terms of battle. We were aided in those slayings by a brief glow from Cordy.

That wasn't the case when we reached what was obviously the home of the warlock, because Scarpitha, nasty fighting demons, attacked us and we had already learned that these were the kinds of demons that Vail hired for protection.

Cordy didn't glow on them. There was no time and with my anxiety building over helping Connor as quickly as possible, I did away with the Scarpitha brutally fast and with serious vigilance. They had come out of a vent in the sweage system and must sit there and wait for prospective intruders intent on hurting their master.

Yeah, I'm going to hurt him, alright, if he isn't one-hundred percent cooperative in helping Connor.

We entered the room and it was dark and dank, and certainly wasn't the lavish headquarters of a rich warlock that I expected. Cordy was sure that it wasn't his home and it had to be wrong, but I surmised that this is probably the quarters of his demon protectors, now all dead. I pushed forward and found another latch in the ceiling, pushing the door ope with a leap, leaping up, putting myself on marble foor and carryin Cordy up with one arm after I was firmly on solid ground.

When she was standing on the marble floor in the dimly lit, but undoubtedly extravagant home, we saw the warlock and he was pathetic, bound to a wheelchair, living on a ventilator. He looked to be five hundred years and wasn't wearing the age well.

This was going to be easy, Cordy said, and as soon as she did, the warlock tossed his arms at us and a golden glow filled the room and quickly surrounded us.

"Don't glow, Cordy!"

If she did, I would lose my rage and wouldn't have a prayer of getting us out of this stasis.

"Vail, you are going to let us out of this hold and you are going to do something about Connor's memories!"

He got up, gingerly, carting his ventilator over to us as he did, smiling and then laughing a too many cigarettes smoked laugh that was disgusting as he looked at us.

I felt Cordy grabbing at me, worried that if she didn't glow that the warlock was going to turn us into toads or something.

Vail spoke up and said that the two of us are in no position to be barking demands at him. He then started in about Connor and the great work that he had done on him and everyone else not named me or Lilah, involved. He bragged that it was his best work ever and that it was a pity to end it.

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A sweet, beaten victim to be tortured. [Jan. 21st, 2007|01:22 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |pensivepensive]

Buffy's execution of getting the hussy who had kicked me in the balls and then had tried to escape, was perfect. It made me smile and as she threw the beaten girl down on my bed, not unconscious, but obviously too sore to move, I moved over to Buffy, placed my hands on her tight little ass and squeezed, kissing her.

"Absolutely perfect, baby. How much did you have to do to get her back here?"

Judging by how wet that both of them were, I knew that it was a lot, but Buffy told me all of the facts of the matter. She chased her through the Seine and then onto land, where the girl, Monique, a slayer, obviously, tried to run. Buffy described the thrashing and then carrying her sometimes unconscious and sometimes not unconscious body back through the Seine, all for me.

I tapped her butt a couple of times, a plan forming in my mind. "Buffy, love, could you take her down to the cage down the hall and after that, go to the room down the hall from there and find yourselves some dry clothes..."

She gave me a look that said that she didn't want to be wearing any clothes.

"Honey, I promise that you and I will make sweet love all night after every last drop of blood has been drained, slowly from our attacker here."

I smiled for her and she seemed content, manhandling Monique, who grunted and tried to struggle against a much stronger Buffy to no avail as she was dragged by the hair out of my room. I pulled the string of hair of Bufy's that I had just extracted from her hair. The love spell would be wearing off soon and I couldn't have that at this point.

I quickly mixed a couple of ingredients, concocted another spell and walked down the hall towards her. There, I am stunned as the first in the form of the geeky Brit stopped me and implored me not to kill the slayer, and to just torture her and keep her alive in here, for another slayer would be called. He then told me if I'm going to kill her, then make sure to turn her into a vampire first.

He then drifted away and I was left deep in thought. Turning two slayers into vampires? Buffy would be changed this evening, before Dawn, and this torture and keep alive or vamp question now filled me with indecision.

I walked in on Buffy changing, and blew the potion on her, watching her smile as the dust settled and after I had spoke the brief incantation.

"Lover, should we keep her alive? She's a slayer and we wouldn't want another one called, would we? We could keep her alive so that doesn't happen, or just turn her into a vampire and not worry about this new slayer being called..."

Buffy seemed to be deep in thought. I kissed her and pulled her close to me as she had just finished dressing. In minutes, I might be pulling those very same clothes off.

[Buffy and Monique]
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Lost in Paris. [Jan. 21st, 2007|12:52 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |determined]

De Gaulle airport is the place where Faith and I take our first steps in Paris.
It was a rush to put our clothes back on in the cargo hold of the plane before getting out and beating the cargo employees so that they didn't see us, not that it mattered at this point because nobody was stopping either of us from getting to Buffy now. I just hoped and knew that felt the same, that she was okay.

I ran with her, looking for transportation. Paris is a big city and I know little of it, having never been here before and Faith knows even less, so we are forced to get a car for times sake, for Buffy might not have any time left as it is, though I would never say that aloud to Faith, who is especially close to Buffy.

I smile for her as I watch her form running and remember the amazing time that we had on the flight here from New York and from the flight from San Francisco to New York. Already in love, I don't want to disappoint her. We have to find this Xavier that Angel spoke of, who he is certain that has Buffy, only he surmised that it is probably Paris and that Xavier does have a castle here, although Angel also mentioned that Xavier also keeps a home in his native Brussels.

At the front of the airport, we commandeered a Mercedes from a nice woman and I drove away, knowing that in very little time, that the Police would be up our asses.

"We have to find a cemetary. The vamps around here have to know who Xavier is and more importantly, where he is, baby, and I'm getting this feeling that Buffy's time is nearing an end, if it hasn't already..."

She shot me a look as I weaved through night traffic. Why did I say that? I knew that it would stress her out. I sensed that saving Buffy was more important to Faith then I was, and again, I was ready to except that. I would always make Faith happy in whatever way that I could and let her feel how she would feel without argument.

She turned the wheel on me and as I looked at her before looking quickly back to the road, I noticed that she was leading me to the wrought iron fence of a cemetery. I slammed on the brakes and ripped the car into a parked position at the side of the road.

Faith was quickly out of the car and leaped over the ten or fifteen foot high fence with spikes at the top. I shrugged and leapt over the gate as well, now looking at a very large, well manicured and heavily treed cemetery. Faith was off rushing towards the distance and I pulled up beside of her. "Let me do the sensing here, honey. I'm the one that can sense them."

It didn't take long to hear a group of vamps, for some reason, though it is night, hanging in one of the crypts.

Faith kicked the door open before we could form a plan. The woman knows what she wants to do. Who am I to argue. There are six vamps in here and I don my fangs, as Faith produces the stake in her pocket.

I was just guessing here, but kill five, brutally and keep one alive, although if we do that, how do we know that we won't be killing one that knows where Xavier might hail, and keep alive a useless vamp who doesn't know?

The vampires charged and Faith tensed up, ready to slay.

I decided to play the lead here. "If any of you know where Xavier's palace is, and tell us, then you all get to live. You have a slayer here and a vampire that can kick all of your asses, now what will it be?"

I noticed that one backed away, frightened, but the other five weren't going to be treated like this, so they would soon be dust.

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Being a prisoner of the sun turns out to be not that bad. [Jan. 21st, 2007|12:50 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |enthralled]

I had thrashed my sire, the 'so called' powerful Leonardo, in every possible way.

He is asleep, bruises all over his face and ribs, which I find sexy, since I'm the one that inflicted them, and he's also with nary a stitch of clothing on. Okay, so he's powerful in one way, though I devastated him in that way too.

I'm just going to let him sleep and not wake him up when the sun goes down and I embark on the world for real. There is so much to do that I don't know exactly what it is that I want to do.

We are in Atlanta, so I'm thinking of going back to my former place of employment, the legendary strip club and picking off all of the slobbering perverts as they come out, and taking them apart limb by limb before eventually going in and killing all of my friends; my fellow dancers.

Or, I could look for Buffy and take my guidance from this First Evil, who wanted her dead, as did I, but I'm not sure if I want to work for that son of a bitch, even though he's fully within me with the evil now. He killed my family and is responsible for my death. I don't have a problem with my death, but my family is already dead, which means that I don't get to kill them.

I lunged up off of the floor, restless. I contemplate waking Leonardo for another tumble before letting him go, but then decide that I might not want to let him go because that cock is one that doesn't quit. I yearn to find somebody as strong as me, though I know that this being probably doesn't exist, as my power fills me and that isn't the only thing that fills me.

Hunger is dominating my thoughts and I need blood and suddenly, being caged here in the sun is a big problem. Sweat builds up as I yearn to leave. I dress, contemplating waking Leonardo, when I hear something from outside. I hear kids and it makes me smile.

A plan forms in my mind. If they open the door quietly, they might not wake Leonardo and they'll think he's actually dead. He's is beaten and sexually exhausted, so he might not wake, even if they aren't quiet, and I look around, confined, nowhere to hide, which sucks, except that I realize that I can hide behind the crypt in the middle of the mausoleum, where they will see Leonardo's body and surely investigate.

The door opens and there are three boys. This will soon be their grave. I hear them all sigh and then gulp as they see Leonardo, quite naked, lying on top of the crypt. They move forward as do I, ready to rush around them and block their exit.

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Lilah; too corporeal for my taste. [Jan. 21st, 2007|12:07 pm]
Champions Hunted Mercilessly

[mood |busy]

Last night was a long one.

Two days ago I get back Sri Lanka, where I had been working with a group of monks on inner melody.

Yeah, it sounds pretty much gay, I realize, but in actuality it's a honing of the mental and physical skills to form unity, which in the long term would make me a better warrior and a better thinker.

Clarity is big with those types. The Senior Partners had me going to these places for well over a year but weren't really giving me a whole lot of information as to why.

They were taking a big interest in me, but the way that I heard it, Angel had become the guy who was going to take over Wolfram and Hart, which irritated me to no end and made me want to argue with the Senior Partners, though that would get me nowhere but possibly dead.

Why were they putting me through all of this physical and spiritual training? What did they have in store for me? They made sure that my bills were paid, but I was amounting to nothing, in Tulsa...I had no effect on anyone.

Anyway, I get back from Colombo and though my head was filled with enlightenment and I could feel synapses connecting, making me a better fighter and stronger man, mentally...it didn't mean that I didn't enjoy having the occassional beer. I went to a bar and had a couple of beers when a hawk of a woman approached me and I couldn't argue with the assets. Back at my place, tantric sex ensued that left me physically exhausted, lying next to her in the bed.

The next thing I know, a light beams down, and in my boxers, I found myself pulled, by the Senior Partners, to Los Angeles, where staring at me is Lilah, smiling and looking down at the equipment and working upwards towards my abs and then my chest before making contact with my eyes.

Lilah was killed by Cordelia, who wasn't really Cordelia at the time.

"Look, I'm in the CEO's office, put here by the Senior Partners. I'm sorry, Lilah, that you were killed by something disguising herself as Cordelia Chase, but take your lifetime contract and your ghostly ass out of my chair and out of my office. It's obvious that the Senior Partners have me here and it's equally obvious that the lame Angel takeover of this firm fell through. So if you don't mind, I have reading to do."

She got out of the chair, as if an obedient and sexy ghost, and came towards me leaving files on the desk that she must have been reading, although I'm not sure why, if she is a ghost, she would probably already know what is going on...only I don't want to find it out from her and more then that, I'm not sure how she would have been able to flip pages with her incorporeal hands.

All was quickly made clear...

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