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Champions Hunted Merciless

Champions Hunted Mercilessly
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The characters in this community are the property of Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, the WB and UPN networks and Fox television. This is simply an attempt to borrow them for a twisted ride.

In huntedmerciless the first evil has just been beaten back at the hellmouth in Sunnydale. Angered and still the ultimate evil, he decides to try a more quiet, yet more direct approach to taking care of the demon fighters in the world. He gets inside the head of a serial killer and changes his focus onto events in Sunnydale, Los Angeles and in the jungles of South America. He shows the madman the way to become wealthy and then points out to him why it is important to do these things. The madman is pushed by the first and becomes the merciless hunter with a cache of weapons. Will anyone survive? Will anyone be able to stop him?

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The Cast:
Buffy Summers: blondeandstrong
Angel: shanshu_angel
Spike: railroad_spike
Faith Lehane: livelyinleather
Cordelia Chase: sexy_and_snarky
Riley Finn: finn_rileyfinn
Connor Reilly: superhero_son
Melissa Collier(slayer): chosen_warrior
Jada Silver(slayer turned into vampire): jadasilverslays
Leah Cleveland(slayer): clevelandchosen
Monique Gable(slayer): exotic_monique
Justin Jensen(souled vampire): no_fear_justin
Wolfram and Hart:
Lindsey McDonald : ethicallydevoid
Lilah Morgan : viciousxbitch
The Serial Killers:
Montauc : montauc Killed by Buffy, Faith and Connor
Boris Reminger{vampire} : nazivamp_boris [Vampire]
Xavier{vampire} : zenking_xavier [Vampire]
Leonardo Anducci{vampire} : vmp_leonardo [Vampire]
The First: